The best of Prague - Old Town Square

The best of Prague - Old Town Square

Prague Old Town is undoubtedly the most popular and touristically attractive Prague quarter. Old Town Square, the heart of the historic centre of Old Town, is its oldest square, which many tourists consider to be the most beautiful square in Europe. The Prague Astronomical Clock is found here at the Old Town Hall, a unique astronomical clock with a magic astrolabe, the only one of its kind in the world.


Every hour the figures of the Apostles on the Astronomical Clock start moving before the eyes of amazed tourists. There are also other unique landmarks to be seen here.

Old Town Square has a long history. In ancient times, Old Town Square was an important trade centre and its importance continued to grow. King Jan Lucemburský granted Old Town the right to build its own town hall in 1338. The people of Prague decided to erect the town hall in Old Town Square. The square has witnessed many historic events throughout its long history, including some dark moments. The 27 white crosses in the paving in front of the Town Hall remind the execution of the leaders of the Estates Revolt, which took place here in 1621.

Nowadays, Old Town Square is mainly a tourist destination, which is popular for its magical atmosphere, renowned historic sights, and seasonal markets, namely the Christmas Market. The inhabitants of Prague also love the square as a place where they celebrate sports success and watch live sports events on a large-scale screen.

Old Town Square

Old Town SquareOld Town Square is the heart of the historic centre of the old Prague, by many tourists considered to be the most beautiful square of Europe. The Old Town Square was throughout centuries one of the most important centres of political life of the Czech nation. This site remembers some dramatic moments of our history – the beginning of the Hussite Wars, the execution of 27 Czech noblemen, or the Liberation of Prague in 1945, during which the Astronomical Clock was damaged.


Old Town Hall

Old Town HallThe construction of the Old Town Hall started immediately once decreed by Jan Lucemburský in 1338. Welflin's House formed the foundation of the new Town Hall and eight more adjacent houses were purchased and added to it. Next to the Town Hall the Old Town Hall Tower was erected and the well-known Prague Astronomical Clock was built on its southern side in 1410.



Astronomical Clock

Astronomical ClockThe Prague Astronomical Clock is nowadays among the most remarkable tourist attractions in Prague, being one of its most well-known tourist sights. The spectators have been amazed for centuries by the figures of the Apostles and other allegorical figures which are mechanically animated every hour, including the figure of Death ringing a bell, and also Pleasure, Greed, and Vanity. The mysterious cosmic astrolabe, which is unique worldwide, also draws attention.



Týn Church

Týn ChurchThe Church of Mother of God before Týn or Týn Church is an illustrious dominant of Old Town Square. It was built between the 1350s and the beginning of the 16th century. The church is nowadays among the most artistically important churches in Prague, noted for its architecture and preserved mobiliary.




St Nicholas's Church

St Nicholas's ChurchSt Nicholas's Church was built to replace the burnt out gothic parish church dated to the 14th century and forms a counterpoise to the Church of Mother of God before Týn standing diagonally over Old Town Square. St Nicholas's Church is one of the masterpieces of the renowned architect of the Czech baroque Killian Ignac Dientzenhofer.



Christmas Market

Christmas MarketMarket stalls village with typical red roofs grow up in Old Town Square every Advent. Locals and tourists can buy Christmas decorations, small gifts, and refreshments here. The time of Advent and Christmas in the historic centre of Prague has a special, magic power. Old Town Square breathes the atmosphere of Christmas, mixing the sounds of traditional carols and the smell of mulled wine.