The best of Prague - Charles Bridge

The best of Prague - Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is among the best sightseeing spots in Prague. A walk over this unique historic bridge will give you a magic experience in any season of the year. The bridge is situated in the heart of historic Prague and it is the oldest connection between Old Town and Lesser Quarter in the vicinity of Prague Castle and Old Town Square.

The bridge is the most important gothic monument of the old Prague and among the best-preserved medieval bridges in Europe.

Charles Bridge is a magic centre of the old Prague. Once a place of mystic connections, nowadays, it is also a great tourist attraction. It has inspired poets, painters and film-makers from all around the world. Its peculiar and mysterious atmosphere has been captured in many films. Tom Cruise appears here in Mission: Impossible (1996), the film crew of the horror-thriller The Omen (2006) also shot in these locations, and its mystic atmosphere also looms in Blade II (2002) directed by Guillermo del Toro, who chose Charles Bridge for shooting the terrifying scenes. In this film Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson walk the bridge - one of the most amazing bridges in the world.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and its historic centre attracts millions of tourists from all around the world every year. According to the best tourist destination poll at the prestigious travel site in 2011, Prague ranked 15th best tourist destination in the world. The historic centre of the city with a unique view of Prague Castle has the UNESCO World Heritage status.

Knights of the Cross Square

Knights of the Cross SquareKnights of the Cross Square lies on the Old Town bank of the river Vltava, and is adjacent to the Old Town Bridge Tower that serves as an entrance to Charles Bridge. This square lies on the Royal Route which used to be taken for centuries by the Czech kings in a procession to their coronation. Nowadays tourist crowds stream from Old Town Square through Knights of the Cross Square to Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.


Old Town Bridge Tower

Old Town Bridge TowerThe Old Town Bridge Tower forms an entrance gate to the bridge from the direction of Knights of the Cross Square and is considered as one of the most beautiful medieval towers in the world. The construction of the tower began during the reign of Charles IV and was conceived as a part of the Old Town fortifications. You can find a magic Latin inscription on the tower: SIGNATESIGNATEMEREMETANGISETANGIS ("Appear like a sign (in the sky), if you defile me with your touch you will perish.") which reads the same in either direction as well as the very date and time of foundation of the tower: 135797531.


Charles Bridge

Charles BridgeCharles Bridge is the oldest Prague bridge over the Vltava river. It is formed by 16 arches and is nearly 516 metres long and 9.5 metres wide. There used to be a wooden bridge here which was later destroyed by a flood. The foundation stone of the present stone bridge was laid in 1357 and its construction proceeded under the auspices of King Charles IV.



Lesser Quarter Bridge Towers

Lesser Quarter Bridge TowersOn the Lesser Quarter side, Charles Bridge has a gate with two towers. The gate was used by royal coronation processions in the past, nowadays it is swelling with tourists. The smaller of the towers is called Judith Tower and once was a part of Judith Bridge that used to be here before Charles Bridge was built. Judith Tower is one of the oldest preserved buildings in Prague.